Why do You Need Arborist for Your Next Tree Removal?

Post Date: 16th, Jul 2020

There are many advantages of having a skilled Arborist for your tree removal ventures. Throughout years, Arborists learn to become professional climbers and enjoy the chance to demonstrate their expertise in advanced tree removal. Navigating such difficult climbs and limited areas of work illustrates the gap between a skilled Arborist and your daily lopper.

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Below are the three factors for choosing an arborist for your next tree removal project:


In a few examples, trees that are taller than 4 m or greater than 40 cm in diameter are classified as covered plants by the Gold Coast City Council. A professional Arborist will test the trees correctly and provide guidance and assistance with the tree maintenance order.

Untrained people do not have the same interpretation of the Council Regulations, which can contribute to erroneous guidance and unlawful dismissal. Illegally cut trees can result in large fines and replanting orders placed on the owner of the tree.

AAA Tree Services is proud to deliver solid guidance that you can believe, allowing you to make the best of your decisions.

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Tree cutting may be risky, particularly for those who do not have the appropriate training or are inexperienced. As a qualified arborist, we recognize the threats and invest in tools and healthy procedures to reduce these risks. Thorough risk evaluation of the site is always undertaken and reported by the arborist before starting any work.

Don’t be afraid to question the tree removal company about their protection procedures. Any skilled arborist should have this material in hand and will be able to give it to you.


As you might guess, scaling large trees by using chainsaws can be dangerous. Arborist policy offers complete responsibility compensation when operating at unregulated heights. Their broad provision is for any loss to properties or injuries to individuals when performing some tree removal services.

Most property owners and company owners are unaware that their daily gardeners or local loppers may not have the same degree of protection. Generally, they are not equipped to function at heights higher than two meters.

It is important to remember the following details when you are searching for a contractor for the next tree cutting job. If you would like more details and a free quote on the services provided by AAA Tree Services, please email us today!