Why do trees need maintenance?

Post Date: 23rd, Jul 2020

For garden and tree lovers it is very important to take care of their plants and trees. But what if someone’s favorite eucalypt tree suffers from borer or scab diseases? A vast landowner alone cannot maintain all the trees at the same time. Well, there are some myths available for trees. Like; we must avoid pruning to the tress, wounds or fungal diseases heal by own, a fully grown tree should not get pruned, etc. So, let’s not focus on the myths instead. All we need a good tree maintenance program to solve these problems.
tree maintenance program

Complications faced by trees

There are no such boundaries of stopping a tree to get infected from various diseases. The branches of well-grown trees can also need to be pruned to bring back their strength. Even they can also suffer from several fungal diseases that cause rotten up steam and roots. Sometimes the quality of tree branches becomes weak and started breaking easily. In the case of girdling roots the roots come up from the soil instead of going down and for that the roots get open and unable to provide a proper amount of water and minerals to the whole body.
tree maintenance program

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