What is Tree Lopping?

Post Date: 13th, Jul 2020

The widely used word ‘tree lopping servicesimplies to ‘cut off’ a branch, leaf, or part of a tree. When you’re searching for an arborist to lop the trees, it’s easy to get lost when they tell you they’re not lopping plants.

Tree lopping is not the safest technique to maintain the trees safe. Tree lopping can involve chopping off branches and big limbs at any stage without some thought of potential tree growth habits.

Tree Lopping

This is common practice to lop trees to a height that holds them safe from houses and roads. Although it’s a simple, fast way to produce the desired outcome, it’s not always aesthetically pleasing, and the effects don’t last.

Lopping trees may cause the following health problems:

  • Disease and pest decay. Disease, bacteria, and pest infestations can trigger open wounds left on the arm. It may trigger the tree to rot, which can result in branch collapse or complete tree collapse.
  • Rapid re-growth.When the trees are not pruned properly, they could be in a condition of surprise. Lopping trees may induce rapid development when a significant percentage of the canopy is cut. The tree is in denial, seeking to restore what it has lost. Tree lopping often includes constant pruning to preserve a certain height or form.
  • Unstable branches.The new branches that emerge after lopping are badly developed and can be structurally frail. This raises the chance of branch collapse or complete tree collapse.

Tree Lopping

How can you Avoid Tree Lopping?

Engage a trained arborist to prune a vine. Trained arborists of the Australian Norm AS:4373. Tree pruning encourages the continued development of the tree and assures that potential production is not affected.

Right practice includes pruning both branches down to the central units (no stubs left behind), eliminating dead, failing and passing branches, and extracting non-essential limbs.


Trees typically show development in a vertical direction. This is a widespread belief that reducing the height of a tree would result in more sun, fewer leaf litter, or improved visibility. Right pruning practices allow it possible for the tree to grow in its natural state without increasing the height of the tree. Just ask us how.

If you’re contemplating tree lopping, please send AAA Tree Service a message to find an easier, longer-lasting approach to your tree lopping needs.