Questions to Ask Your Landscape Maintenance Specialist

Post Date: 1st, Jul 2020

Choosing the best tree service provider to cut, restore, or repair trees on your land may be a daunting activity. Here are some important questions to ask your tree expert before recruiting them to service your trees:

Are you a licensed company?

The tree service that you hire should be legally licensed in their industry in the state that they will perform their services. If they’re not, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble if you hire them to work at home and something goes wrong. Your landscape business developer is also going to give you the peace of mind that they know what they’re doing.

Are you insured?

Businesses are expected to provide protection to be able to cover what needs to be fixed in the case of any unintended injury. If the business you use to provide tree services is not covered, you can wind up personally responsible for losses that you have not incurred. It can also lead to problems along the road if the initial tree service provided causes future problems.

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Are your services affordable?

Making sure that the business you chose operates beyond your budget is key to your satisfaction until the tree service is through. You don’t want to end up overpaying the job, but you don’t want to search for the cheapest business out there, either.The right tree expert can deliver good and reasonable rates and will partner with you to figure out how you can better serve your requirements when working into your budget.

What equipment do you use?

Tree maintenance and removal often require the use of large or heavy equipment. It’s nice to know what sort of equipment should be required if you have a tree professional operating to guarantee that your house, yard, or driveway is ready to handle the machinery and equipment used for your operation.

At AAA Tree Service, we:

  • Registered and insured
  • Have a satisfactory customer rating
  • Offer and specialize in a wide range of tree services.
  • Have a competitive and affordable price
  • Using high-quality, secure equipment

We can manage all of your tree cutting, treatment, and landscape construction, just send us a call today!