AAA Tree Service| Things You Should Pay Attention About Succulent Plants

Post Date: 5th, Jan 2021

 Things You Should Pay Attention About Succulent Plants


Succulent plants are fond of enough light and heat as they are the survivors on the deserts. They store the water in their leaves and stems to consume them later.  It looks amazing when the flower grows on the top of the thorns in variety of colors. So taking care of them is not so difficult if you avoid some important guidelines that cannot be neglected. In this section we are going to focus on the few points which are avoided most of the time by people. To get the best guidance for tree maintenance program contact AAA Tree Service today.

Let’s see what are points that are needed to give more attention?

  • The first thing people get confused every time by mixing up the succulents with other trees or plants. The succulents need more light and heat than the other plants. This is the reason why plant them on a sun exposed area for better growth otherwise, it will be hard for them to survive for long.
  • The next important point is about the watering process. See, watering plants are one of the most important and necessary needs. But in case of succulents they need an exact amount of water because they already have water storage inside them as a nature. So excess water might rot their stems and roots. So, pay attention on the watering process to the succulents and avoid giving water in winter. A few sprinkle of water two times a week will be enough.
  • A mushy and sticky soil is not the one that a succulent seeking for. To grow a succulent or any cactus you will be needing a sandy or rocky soil that doesn’t let the water to stay at one place of a long time and easily drains away. Pumice mixed soil will be the right one for succulents.
  • A right pot is also an important thing to look out. A pot with proper drainage is the perfect one for succulents so that the moisture of the soil stay well-balanced and so as the plants.
  • Do not go for over crowning. If you find your succulents are getting crowded by other species then carefully pick them up and repot them on a separate place with same water and soil procedure to adore them.

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